National Center for K-9 Training

We are a professional organization dedicated to providing educational and certification opportunities to K-9 Detection Teams.  Instruction is open to Law Enforcement, Private Sector and Search & Rescue K-9 Handlers.  Unlike association-based entities, National Center For K-9 Training does NOT require that its students become members to participate.  Our mission is to ensure that ALL persons involved in the training and deployment of working dogs are given the opportunity to obtain the education and certifications necessary to provide qualified service to their communities. 

Our Philosophy and Objectives

  • Promoting professionalism through an unyielding conviction to vigorous standards of performance

  • Fostering strong working relationships through mutual respect, trust and ethical behavior

  • Dedication to the continued growth and success of our students

  • Coordinating seminars, certification testing and training opportunities to deliver training that is relevant to the needs of our attendees

  • Commitment to Excellence - We will passionately motivate our K-9/Handler teams with innovative and proven techniques that will inspire them to do their absolute best



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